Business Systems

Business Systems

Modules of Business Systems

Overview of business system, Profile of data in business systems, Computer system as a potent tool to meet business data processing needs, Case study—Financial accounting

Data structure, Contents of master file- information of permanent and semi-permanent nature, Transaction file and transaction file organization, Sequential, relative, indexed, File creation and handling, File identification—header label(label record), generation number, File security and data security----retention date, write permission, access control e.g. passwords, Addition and deletion of records-updation, Modes of processing; batch, online and real time, Back up for data security

Databases defined, Relational database defined, Phases of database design, Data definition.

Introduction to FoxPro, What is FoxPro under windows, What is database, What is relational database? Phases of database design, Starting FoxPro, Data types, Creating database, Adding records, Viewing database, Positioning database, Saving database, Editing, Deleting, Modify database structure, Open and close database file, Quit FoxPro

Sort, index, Sorting vs. indexing, Querying, Set filter commands, View files, Queries and reports, Advance reports, Using functions, adding pictures, create and print mailing labels, modify labels

FoxPro Relational power, Application creation, FoxPro programming, create command file, memory variable, operator, functions, Commands( set talk, skip, return, accept and input, count, sum , average, @, ?, ?? , text) , More on FoxPro programming( Loop construct), scan and endscan, do….while, if, else, endif, nested if, case, exit, cancel ,wait, zap, use macro, memo field handling, Window, Light bar menu, Program code for, data entry, Business applications, Implementation of Business application, Documentation, Management of computer resources, Systems Audit

  • V.K. Kapoor, Introduction to computer data processing & system analysis, Sultan Chand.
  • R.K. Taxali, FoxPro 2.5 made simple for DOS and Windows, BPB Publication


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