Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

Modules of Customer relationship management

Evolution of CRM, Need for CRM, Benefits of CRM, Transaction vs. Relationship orientation, Introduction and Objectives of a CRM Process, an Insight into CRM , e-CRM and m-CRM.

Understanding Principles of Customer Relationship, Relationship Building Strategies, Building Customer Relationship Management by Customer Retention, Stages of Retention, Sequences in Retention Process, Understanding Strategies to Prevent Defection and Recover Customers. Market share vs. Share of customers, Life Time Value of Customers.

The CRM cycle i.e. Assessment Phase; Planning Phase; The Executive Phase, Modules in CRM, 4C’s (Elements) of CRM Process, Customer Acquisition Strategies, Customer Retention Strategies (Zero defections), Cross selling and up selling strategies, Customer Equity, Customer Metrics, Customer loyalty, Loyalty ladder, Customer Complaint Management.

Growth of Service in India, Service Customer Classification, Service Marketing Mix, Service Recovery, Characteristics of Business Markets, Importance of CRM in B2B and B 2 C Markets, Key Account Management, Supplier-Channel Management, CRM practices and application in Banking Industry, Retail Industry, Aviation Industry, Hospitality Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Telecom Industry and Product Markets.

CRM Implementation Road Map, CRM Roadblocks (4P’s), Phased development, learning from customer defections, evaluating customer retention plan, Emerging trends in CRM.

Component Codes Weightage (%)
H1 10
H2 10
H3 10
EE1 70
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Dr. Supriti Agarwal

Assistant Professor
AMITY University

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