Data Structures Through‘C’ Language

Data Structures Through‘C’ Language

Modules of Data Structures Through‘C’ Language

Abstract data types: Fundamental and derived data types, Representation, Primitive Data Structures.

Representation of arrays single and multi dimensional arrays. Address calculation using column and rows major ordering. Various operations on arrays, Vector, Application of arrays: matrix multi multiplication, sparse polynomial and addition.

Representation of stacks and queues using arrays and linked list. Circular queues, priority queue and D-queue. Application of stacks: conversion from infix to postfix expression, Evaluation of postfix expression using stacks.

Singly linked list; operations on list. Linked stacks and queue. Polynomial representations and manipulation using linked lists, doubly linked list, addition of two polynomials.

Binary trees traversal method: preorder, in-order, post-ordered traversal. Recursive and non-recursive algorithm for above mentioned Traversal methods. Representation of trees and its application: Binary tree representation of a tree, Binary search tree: height balanced (AVL) tree

Searching: Sequential and binary search, indexed search, Sorting: insertion, selection, bubble, quick, merge, heap sort.

Graph representation: adjacency list, adjacency multicasts, adjacency lists. Traversal scheme: Depth first search, Breadth first search.

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