Foundation of Business & Management

Foundation of Business & Management

Module I: Introduction

Concept, Nature, Scope and Functions of Management, Levels of Management, Evolution and Foundations of Management Theories - Classical and Neo - Classical Theories, Systems Approach to organization, Modern Organization Theory.

Planning objectives and characteristics, Hierarchies of planning, the concept and techniques of forecasting.

Meaning, Importance and Principles, Departmentalization, Span of Control, Types of Organization, Authority, Delegation of Authority.

Meaning, Job analysis, Manpower planning, Recruitment, Transfers and Promotions, Appraisals, Management Development, Job Rotation, Training, Rewards and Recognition.

Motivation, Co-ordination, Communication, Directing and Management Control, Decision Making, Management by objectives (MBO) the concept and relevance.

Coordination, Meaning, Nature, Features, Objectives and Process of Management Control, Techniques and Behavioral Aspects of Management control.

  • Essential of Management, Koontz O' Donnel


Ms. Neeti Saxena

Assistant Faculty
AMITY University

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