Fundamentals of E-Commerce

Fundamentals of E-Commerce)

Modules of Fundamentals of E-Commerce

Traditional commerce - an overview, What is E-commerce? , Comparison between Traditional and Electronic commerce, Issues associated with electronic commerce. Inter Organisational E-Commerce, Intra Organisational E-Commerce, Architectural frame work.

Network infrastructure for E Commerce. Market forces behind I-Way. Component of I Way.Access Equipment. Global Information Distribution Network, Broad band Telecommunication.

Introduction to Mobile Commerce. Mobile Computing Applications. Wireless Application Protocols. WAP Technology. Mobile information Devices .

Introduction to Web Security, Firewalls & Transaction Security, Client Server Network, Emerging Client Server Security Threats. Firewalls and Network Security.

World wide web & security, Encryption, Transaction security, Secret Key Encryption, Public key Encryption, Virtual Private Networks, Implementation & management issues.

Traditional Payment methods, View of internet payment process, Understanding card payment schemes on internet, Cyber Cash, Veritone and First Virtual payment schemes, SET and JEPI, Electronic cheques, Digital Cash.

History of EDI, Implementation difficulties of EDI, EDI working concepts, Financial EDI, EDI and Internet.

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