Information Technology For Managers

Information Technology For Managers

Modules of Information Technology For Managers

Fundamentals of Computer Architecture, Concept of Software & Languages. Database Management Systems; Data Communication, Networking; and its Security Constraints.; Internet & its importance in business applications; Multimedia; Concepts & characteristics of E Commerce; Electronic data interchange & its implementation

Introduction of MIS: Meaning & Role, organization structures, Business Process, Systems Approach, Management Levels & MIS

Decision Making Process: Programmed & Non- Programmed, Strategic & project Planning for MIS, Models of Decision Making different types of IS: MIS , DSS, ESS. MIS and the information Concepts

Handling system complexity; MIS and system concepts; SSAD; Need for system analysis; Quality in MIS; MIS: The factors of success and failure.

Enterprise Management System (EMS); EMS and MIS; MIS Service industry; Choice of IT and MIS; Case Studies- MIS

Component Codes Weightage (%)
H1 10
H2 10
H3 10
EE1 70
  • Management Information Systems, O. Brien
  • Management Information System, B.G. Gupta
  • Peter Norton’s, Introduction to Computers, Tata McGraw-HILL
  • Turbon, Potter, Introduction to Computers, John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Student Study Material
  • Rajaraman, V. 1998, an Introduction to Computers, Prentice Hall of India.
  • Nagpal, 1999, Computer fundamentals, Wheeler Publishing, New Delhi.
  • Management Information System , W.S Jawadekar, Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication.
  • Management Information System, David Kroenke, Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication.
  • MIS: - Management Perspective, D.P.Goyal, Macmillan Business Books.
  • MIS and Corporate Communications,Raj K. Wadwha, Jimmy Dawar, P.Bhaskara Rao, Kanishka Publishers.
  • MIS: - Managing the digital firm, Kenneth C.Landon, Jane P. Landon, Pearson Education.


Dr. Anupama R

Assistant Professor
AMITY University

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