Management Functions & Behaviour

Management Functions & Behaviour

Modules of Management Functions & Behaviour

Concept, Nature Scope and Functions of Management, Levels of Management, Evolution and Foundations of Management Theories – Classical and Neo-Classical Theories, Systems Approach to organization, Modern Organization Theory.

Planning: concepts, objectives, techniques; Organizing – Concepts, delegation, centralization & decentralization; Staffing- concepts & Characteristics; Directing – Concepts & Characteristics; Management by objective; Control & Co-ordination

Learning, Perception, Personality, Conflict Management, Motivation and Job Performance, Co-ordination, Communication, Directing and Management Control, Decision Making.

Group Processes, Introduction to team, Leadership, Power and Politics,

Organizational Structure, Organizational Design, Organizational Culture, Delegation of Authority, Centralization and Decentralization.

Component Codes Weightage (%)
H1 10
H2 10
H3 10
EE1 70
  • Human Relations and Organisational Behaviour, Mr. R.S. Dwivedi
  • Organisational Behaviour, Mr. Sanjay Srivastav
  • Essentials of Management, H. Koontz
  • Principles and Practices of Management : Bakshi
  • Student Study Material (SSM)
  • Barat, N. 1998, Emerging issues in Management, Excel Books, India.
  • Greenberg, J. & Baron, R.A. 1993, Behaviors in Organizations, Allyn and Bacon, Boston.


Mr. Vivek Singh Tomar

Assistant Faculty
AMITY University

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