Web Designing

Web Designing

Modules of Web Designing

Introduction to html programming History of HTML, Structure of HTML, Adding Comments, Formatting Text, Creating List, Creating Definition List, Creating Hyper Text Links, Creating Link Lists, Inserting Inline Images, Creating Image Links, Horizontal Rules, Address Tag, Working with Text Changing font Sizes and Colors, Using Background Image, Marquee Tag.

Tables and frames, Creating Tables, Table Element, Adding Border, Adding Column Headings, Adding Spacing and Padding, Adding a Caption, Setting the table Width and Height, Add Row Headings, Aligning Cell contents, Setting Column Width, Centering a Table, Inserting and Image, Spanning Columns, Spanning Rows Assigning Background Colors, Frame Elements, Creation of Frame Based Pages, Noframes Element.

Forms and Java Script Introduction to Forms, Form Elements, Front level validations using JavaScript

Cascading style sheets, Overview of style sheets, Different ways to use style sheets, Selectors DIV and SPAN Elements, Adding style to a Document, Use id Classes and Ids, Style Sheet Properties.

Introduction to XML, XML Basics, XML Structure, Developing a DTD from XML code, Viewing XML, Viewing XML using the XML Data Source Object, Viewing XML using Style Sheets.

HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Perl, CGI, Ivan Bayross, BPB Publication.

HTML Complete Reference, BPB Publication.

Internet for everyone, Alexis Leon and Mathew Leon, Leon Tech world.


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